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Transition Leadership

Individuals & Organizations

788% ROI:
A Global Metrix study found that executive coaching has a 788% return on investment, based on factors including increases in productivity and employee retention.

At Agility to Elevate, we help leaders enhance engagement and retention while transitioning into peak performing leaders and teams.

Not enough time or capacity to mentor your team?

Leaders & Organizations
When a leader receives a promotion, he/she often expects to transition seamlessly into their newly elevated position, with their department following enthusiastically.  We find that is the exception vs the rule.  When promoted, often times, the leader finds themself re-earning their leadership level with their inherited or familiar staff.  Leaders transition faster and more effectively with Agility to Elevate.  

Working with teams in transition?

3 months

Next 6 to 9 months

9 to 36  months

Executive Coaching Retainer

Starting at the Top:
Are you a new leader taking on a significant role within your organization? Our Transition Leadership consulting service is designed to provide you with the support you need for a smooth transition.

  1. We administer Birkman to your top leadership team.

  2. We analyze your professional and self leadership frustration gaps alongside peak performance variables.

  3. We privately coach each individual on the lead team, while facilitating team workshops to the top and next level of leadership.


With over 25K hours of corporate coaching and utilizing peak performance tools plus Birkman, you'll be able to maximize your potential quickly and reverse recruiting, rentention and engagement shortcomings.

1:1 Departmental Executive Coaching
Megaphone and workshop initiatives have value to inform, evoke new thought or action and bring awareness to prompt change.  They are NOT ENOUGH to repair or build leaders to peak performance.

Achieving peak performance is only achieved via 1:1 or small group coaching sessions.  The motive-free, confidential conversations between A2E and the employee, provide an environment of trust for growth that cannot be achieved from the HR or mentoring conversations of the department head alone.

While we keep in mind company goals and metrics, our only motive in every conversation is building your employee the next best version of him/herself.  Organizational metrics will be achieved when your departments are full of healthy leaders.

Creating and Duplicating Leaders
For the next 9 months to 3 years, we conduct quarterly conversations with top leaders and continue to work monthly down your org chart, increasing your mid-management's ability to lead effectively by integrating business development tools as heavily as personal coaching tools. 

We create and duplicate leaders for your organization.

Additionally, as organizations grow and evolve, we offer recruiting and retention support to ensure long-term success.

Recruit and Retain Top Talent
On a retainer, we offer on going executive coaching, recruiting and retention support to ensure long-term success of every organization we serve.

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